To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in praise of a wonderful motivational speaker, Donald McLeod.
Donald Wayne’s message is current and accessible for all high school

I had the pleasure of meeting him after one of my high school drama students
recommended him as a good guest speaker. I was able to have him in to
speak to all of my classes, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Donald
Wayne has a natural presence that radiates respect, confidence, and caring.
The students gravitated to him in the halls before and after classes, and as we
prepare to close the school year they’re still asking when “that tall guy” is
coming back to speak with us some more.

Donald Wayne’s message is appropriate for all ages and occupations.
By relating personal experiences and incorporating humor he is able to
open an audience’s mind to the potential that they each have. Donald Wayne
truly cares about what he is doing and he helps others recognize their own
power. Donald Wayne would make an excellent addition to any school
program or assembly, and his message is equally suited for smaller and
more specific task groups (clubs, organizations, staff). I urge you to consider
inviting Donald Wayne McLeod to share his message with you and your group.


Nicole Ady Byers
Harvey High School
Language Arts Teacher, Student Council Co-Adviser
440-392-5199 or

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Bob Tomsich and I am the Architecture and Construction
Management instructor at Auburn Career Center. I have had the pleasure
of having Donald Wayne McLeod speak to both my junior and senior class
students. Donald Wayne’s ability to connect with my students is outstanding.
He reaches them on an individual level with his energy, knowledge and

Donald Wayne cares about my students on a personal level and it shows.
He has an uncanny ability to encourage others to not only understand 21st
Century Theme Skills (soft skills) but implement them as well. His message
regarding the benefits of being truly interested in others is one that will give
our students a distinct advantage in the real world. My hope is that not just my
students but all high school students get the opportunity to hear Donald
Wayne’s insightful, pertinent and timely message.

Students are not the only ones to benefit from Donald Wayne’s information.
He has presented to our entire faculty and staff and I can attest to the impact
he has had on us all.  In fact, many of the faculty have started implementing his
principles in their daily lives.

In short, I urge you to listen to what Donald Wayne has to offer. I guarantee
your students, teachers and staff will all benefit greatly from the experience.    


Bob Tomsich
Architecture and Construction Management
440.357.7542 x8230 Work
Auburn Career Center
8140 Auburn Road
Concord, Ohio 44077
Donald Wayne McLeod