I've found Mr. Donald Wayne McLeod to be the most captivating, thought provoking,
and caring speaker who offers his audience fresh ideas to challenge and enhance
their individual communication skills and personal effectiveness.

That sincerity and genuine interest in helping others to communicate more effectively
has enabled him to develop a successful venture that is of tremendous value to any
organization. He can effectively tailor a message for any audience and his real life
examples and his means for engaging his listeners are very memorable which enables
tremendous learning.

In a talk he'd given at Progressive Field to an audience comprised of mostly Sales and
Marketing Executives of Cleveland it was truly impressive to witness how Donald Wayne
could engage a room that was comprised of both seasoned and less experienced sales
and marketing professionals. He connected with everyone in that audience immediately
and everyone was engaged by his presence and the quality of the message that at the
time was focused on enhancing one's active listening skills. He finds ways to help
others by challenging them to really listen and to communicate in a manner that
demonstrates a real and sincere interest in others. Donald Wayne's suggestions and
illustrations about non verbal and verbal communication skills, gestures, posture, and
how you remember names for example are all effective communication tools that many
people would do well to pay attention to in order to be successful in the future.

If companies and employees strive to differentiate themselves positively they would
do well to work with such a pro like Donald Wayne McLeod. He is the consummate
professional communicator that really cares about his clients and what's also very
impressive is that his message has traction at all different levels in an organization
(from C-Level contacts to entry level employees).

Thomas Thornton   Vice President Sales at Impact Fulfillment Services

Hello Donald Wayne,

I wanted to write this email to you to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. I was
really interested in the information that you presented us. I recently went to this Human
Resources Conference at Kalahari Resort and speakers that we listened to were not
as enthusiastic to share their knowledge the way you did. After about 10 minutes of their
presentation I wanted to find the back door and leave. With you it was the complete
opposite, you talked for 2 hours but yet it felt like you only talked for 10 minutes.  
Thank You again and I hope to hear some knowledge from you again.


Dear Donald Wayne,

Thank you for presenting Courage & Confidence at our Inaugural Women’s Leadership
Conference. Your participation at the conference was invaluable and you played a large
part in helping the Inaugural Women’s Leadership have such a strong impact on our

The feedback received so far tell us the women were absolutely inspired by the
Conference and your message of “Making Yourself Known."  The energy and
excitement from that day will help them build momentum in their careers.  Our
winners of the one-on-one coaching sessions are very excited to follow up with you.  

Thank you for partnering with Lubrizol WILL Team to make this conference such
a success.  Again, thank you so much for your time, energy, and inspiration.

Best Regards,

Pam, Doris, Sonya

Lubrizol WILL Team Members

Hi Donald  Wayne,

Thank you again for presenting to the Group Dynamics, CSU class last Saturday.  
Your energy and willingness to share is truly appreciated.  You offered to share
a powerpoint you created regarding "How to write a powerful letter eliminating
the I's and me's).  I would very much like a copy.  Your consideration is very much
appreciated.  Your nuggets of wisdom have already been incorporated into how I
present myself.

Thank you and Abundant Blessings

Katrina Jones

Prosperity Life Coach
Donald Wayne McLeod